Principal ITI Jhargram

 Since 1958 in cooperation with all other staffs , Jhargram Government ITI  has been developed in many ways with the leadership of the following Principals.

NameTime Period

1Mr. H. S. Dey1958-05-011961-07-3103 Years 02 Months 30 Days
2Mr. S. Banerjee1961-08-011963-04-0501 Years 08 Months 04 Days
3Mr. S. Roy1963-04-061966-02-2802 Years 10 Months 22 Days
4Mr. M. K. Ghosh1966-03-011969-03-2203 Years 00 Months 21 Days
5Mr. K. D. Sen1969-03-231978-06-2109 Years 02 Months 29 Days
6Mr. J. Sengupta1978-06-221980-06-0801 Years 11 Months 17 Days
7Mr. N. C. Das1980-06-091981-02-1300 Years 08 Months 04 Days
8Mr. N. Bhattacharjee1981-02-141984-05-0903 Years 02 Months 25 Days
9Mr. S. K. Choudhury1984-05-091984-05-2200 Years 00 Months 13 Days
10Mr. M. M. Bhattacharjee1984-05-221985-02-2800 Years 09 Months 06 Days
11Mr. M. C. Pal1985-02-281986-07-2901 Years 05 Months 01 Days
12Mr. K. L. Adhikary1986-07-291987-03-2000 Years 07 Months 19 Days
13Mr. N. K. Das1987-03-201993-06-1506 Years 02 Months 26 Days
14Mr. N. C. Das1993-06-151997-01-3103 Years 07 Months 16 Days
15Mr. A. K. Sahoo1997-01-311999-12-1602 Years 10 Months 15 Days
16Mr. N. C. Mandal1999-12-162002-09-2302 Years 09 Months 07 Days
17Mr. S. Mandal2002-09-232003-06-0400 Years 08 Months 12 Days
18Mr. S. Samajpati2003-06-042004-01-0100 Years 06 Months 28 Days
19Mr. R. Debnath2004-01-012009-01-3005 Years 00 Months 29 Days
20Mr. D. Saha2009-01-302015-09-1706 Years 07 Months 18 Days
21Mr. S. Singh2015-09-17